Announcement: Postponing ASCAPAP 2021 to 2023

Due to the spread of COVID-19, it is very unfortunate but we came to the conclusion that we will postpone our ASCAPAP 2021 to 2023. We will announce the new venue and dates on this website.
We wish the best of health and safety for those who were going to attend ASCAPAP2021, all the children and families, and the healthcare professionals.
We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

The Organizing Committee of ASCAPAP2021

Congress Information

ASCAPAP 2021 in Kyoto -The 11th Congress of The Asian Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions

Congress Theme:
Broadening Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health
- New Frontiers of Research and Practice in Asia

May 28 (Fri) - 30 (Sun), 2021
Postponing to 2023

Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto)
Takaragaike, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0001 Japan


Welcome Message

It is our true pleasure to welcome our colleagues in Asian countries to ASCAPAP2021 in Kyoto. It was in 1990, in Kyoto when we had our first IACAPAP in Asia. Ever since then, our colleagues from all over Asia have been debating on academic topics and exchanging opinions specific to the situation in child adolescent psychiatry in each Asian country. The first ASCAPAP was held in Tokyo. ASCAPAP thrived as it deepened the bonds between the members through numerous congresses: Seoul in 1999, Taipei in 2003, Manila in 2006, Singapore in 2008, Beijing in 2010, New Delhi in 2013, Kuala Lumpur in 2015, Yogyakarta in 2017, and Chiang Mai in 2019. We have to acknowledge that it is the fruit of the efforts of the members of ASCAPAP and the executive committee. Under their lead, the research and practices in child adolescent psychiatry have demonstrated great development.

New chapter in ASCAPAP
This ASCAPAP in Kyoto is the 11th ASCAPAP, and we are very honored to start this new chapter in Japan. During the first chapter of ASCAPAP, child adolescent psychiatry has made progress in its unique approach as it grew in accordance with the social situation in Asia. As it developed, the cooperation and interaction among the professionals went beyond borders, and now there are many international congresses even in more specific topics such as ADHD. During our journey, we acknowledge the two aspects that we should always keep in our minds to understand the mental health of child adolescence and to further develop the support for these patients: to understand the social factors that surrounds the patient (family, friends, poverty, maltreatment, conflicts between different generations due to the difference in their values), and to assess not only with the macro perspective as understanding the diseases and disorders beyond borders and cultures, but also with micro perspective as keeping eyes open for the child’s development unique to the local society and culture. The Congress theme, “Broadening Perspectives in Child and Adolescent Mental Health – New Frontiers of Research and Practice in Asia,” invites our colleagues to find a new frontier in child adolescent psychiatry in Asia through discussion as we become aware that child and adolescent mental health problems do not only arise in child and adolescent period but also has longitudinal influence on the mental disorders in adulthood.

What is new about this congress: due to COVID-19
As we enter this new chapter in ASCAPAP, we challenged ourselves by organizing this congress with our own hands. Many past congresses were made possible through expensive registration fees and huge donations from various pharmaceutical companies. However, there have always been concerns regarding the conflict of interest, and the lack of transparency. In addition, the companies have become reluctant to make donations as they strengthen their compliances. Since holding the congress requires a high budget, with little help from the companies, only limited countries can undertake the international congress. To adapt to this changing situation and to start the new chapter, we decided to come back to our origin and focus on the core value by organizing the congress with our own hands as much as possible without the help of an organizing company. To realize our new attempt, we would like all the speakers to bring their own laptops. We have prepared the projectors and 15pin cables; we ask the speaker to connect the laptop and the projector by themselves (if the speaker is a Mac user and needs the conversion connector, please bring one). We are aware of the inconvenience; however, with the speakers’ help, we could keep the registration fee ¥20,000 (less than $200). We believe that this less expensive registration fee would allow us to welcome more professionals to ASPAPAP2021 in Kyoto. This new style of congress is our challenge to all of our members in ASPAPAP, and we would like to set a precedent for future international congress.

As everyone in the world is aware, COVID-19 has been making a grave impact on people’s health and lives. The same impact is posed on the healthcare providers, children, the families and friends around the children and local societies. Under the influence of COVID-19, children are experiencing anxiety and fear for infection, confusion from changes in their everyday life, and feelings of loss as they miss out on their playtime and place with their local friends. Economical damage due to the COVID-19 may have severe impacts on children’s family as their parents may become unemployed or fall into poverty. Admittedly, ASCAPAP is facing a difficult situation to have this international congress under COVID-19; however, we believe that under such situations where children are in need of mental support that we should gather and exchange thoughts about child adolescent psychiatry. As no one wants to further spread the COVID-19, we will be very careful about the prevention. We will make sure for everyone to feel safe: keeping seats at a distance from each other, placing the hand sanitizer at the entrance, providing face masks and face guards to the attendees, keeping speakers at a distance from the listeners, and limiting the number of people in the poster presentation hall. It is unfortunate but due to the prevention, we will not be able to serve lunch or snack at the congress. It would be very unfortunate, but we have to note that depending on the situation of the COVID-19 in next May, we may have to switch to an online congress. May is the most beautiful season of early summer in Japan with fresh greenery. We sincerely hope to welcome our colleagues to Kyoto, the Japanese most beautiful historic city, next May. We are looking forward to seeing many attendees and having many great presentations on site.

Hironobu Ichikawa, M.D., Ph.D.
Congress Chair
ASCAPAP2021 in Kyoto


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Sponsorship and sponsored seminar

ASCAPAP2021 is soliciting donations from companies, organizations and individuals who would support this congress/plenary. We are also looking for companies and organizations who would support co-sponsored seminars. We will not offer food during the congress due to the prevention for COVID-19 infection. If you are interested in donations, please contact us to[a] (please change [a] to @).


ASCAPAP2021 is looking for companies and organizations who want to set up the exhibitions for research/clinical equipment, the exhibition booths, and book sales counter. If you are interested in an exhibition, please contact us to[a] (please change [a] to @).


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The office of ASCAPAP 2021.
The Japanese Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
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